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Paul Reynolds

A smart 14 year old city boy, Paul is the hero of the Spellbinder series.

Paul does well at school without really trying and is good with computers and video games. He tends to think before acting. Since his mother's death, Paul has become a bit of a loner and has trouble communicating with his family, particularly his hard working scientist father.

Accidentally hurled into a parallel universe, Paul discovers a land where the industrial revolution never happened. Here, his modern knowledge is almost useless. As he struggles to find a way home, Paul discovers courage and abilities he never knew he had.

Paul is played by Zybch Trofimiuk, a Polish born Australian. Zybch won the 1994 Australian Film Institue Young Actors Award for his lead role in Skytrackers.


Thirteen years old, Riana is an impetuous, tough and courageous heroine. She becomes Paul's friend and ally in the Spellbinder's world.

Riana is naturally smart but like everyone in her world except the Spellbinders, Riana has had no formal education and has never thought to question her world. As Riana tries to help Paul return to his world, her eyes are opened and she starts to see the injustice of the way Spellbinders rule.

When Riana is dragged into Paul's world she finds it frightening. The people are rude, the air is hard to breathe and things like trains and elevators seem like magic. As she getsover her fear of technology, she begins to appreciate the freedom it brings.

Riana is played by Gosia Piotrowska, who is also a Polish born Australian. This is Gosia's first role in a television production.  


Alex is Paul's best friend. He admires Paul's intelligence and uses it to get through school.

When Paul is catapulted into the world of the Spellbinders, Alex does everything he can to rescue his friend.

Alex is a cocky fast-talking teenager of Greek descent. He is street-wise and always has his eye out for a way to make money. Alex jokes his way through life, trying to do as little as possible. His aversion to schoolwork has kept him down a couple of years so he is older than most of the kids around him. Alex is not a good reader but by the end of the story has discovered the value and enjoyment of books.

Although he is often crass, Alex can also be charming. He thinks he is god's gift to girls. Forced to spend a lot of time with Katrina, a girl who he at first dislikes, Alex gradually changes his attitudes to the opposite sex.

Alex is played by Brian Rooney and he has been in numerous Australian productions including G.P., Brides of Christ and The Ferals.


A girl in Paul's class. Fascinated by science, Katrina has a competitive relationship with Paul. Clever, determined and stubborn, she has always done well at school. Until this adventure began, Katrina always followed the rules. Now she is learning to break them and her parents aren't pleased.

Katrina is played by Michela Noonan. Her previous experience includes roles in A Country Practice, G.P. and Home and Away.  


A calculating, ambitious and ruthless Spellbinder, Ashka believes the Spellbinders are losing their authority. She sees Paul and his knowledge as the means to overthrow the existing power structure and enable her to rule the Spellbinder's land. At first Paul sees her as a friend but soon learns that she cannot be trusted.

Ashka is played by Heather Mitchell. Heather's impressive career includes roles in Muriel's Wedding, Malcolm, Proof, GP, Embassy and A Country Practice.  

Brian Reynolds

Paul's widowed father. In his mid-thirties, Brian is a talented scientist in charge of a private research and development laboratory. He is having difficulty reconciling his busy work life with the demands of being a single parent. Brian is shy around women and not good at communication, particularly about his feelings.

Brian Reynolds is played by Andrew McFarlane. His illustrious career includes major roles in The Sullivans, Cop Shop, Flying Doctors and Paradise Beach.



Ashka's seventeen year old apprentice is arrogant, malicious and cunning. Gryvon will do anything Ashka asks as long as it helps him to become a Spellbinder. He and Paul take an instant dislike to each other.

Gryvon is played by the Polish actor, Rafal Zwierz. Rafal has had extensive acting experience. He has starred in a range of Polish productions as well as the German production Police Station, the Canadian production And the Violins Stopped Playing and the American production The Poachers.



A cantankerous Spellbinder in his fifties, Correon has spent his life studying books. When Paul appears, Correon's entire belief system is challenged. At first, he sees Paul as a threat but as they are forced to journey together, a friendship develops and Correon realizes there are things he still has to learn.

Correon is played by the Polish actor, Krzysztof Kumor. Krzysztof is well known to Polish audiences. His impressive career spans a wide range of performances in theatre, radio, film and television. His film work includes roles in the German film Crash and the American film Escape.

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