Riana's world is small, rustic, simple and superstitious. All work is done by hand. Only the Spellbinders can read and write and they ruthlessly suppress any new ideas.

Paul's world is fast, complex and highly technical. Computers give people access to more information than they can possibly use. New ideas are highly prized.

The Doorway, the link between the Spellbinder world and our world.

At first Paul does not take a liking to Riana's world. As he gets to know it better, he discovers that there are joys to be found in village life. There is no pollution, no homelessness, and no starvation. People are generous and hospitable. He finds a warmth and security in Riana's family which is missing in his own.

Riana finds Paul's world frightening. The people are rude, the air is hard to breathe and things like trains and elevators seem like magic. As she gets over her fear of technology, she begins to appreciate the freedom it brings. She is amazed to find a place where people are able to think and say whatever they want.

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